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General Election 2019!

We’re gearing up for the election on 12 December with candidates in Wolverhampton South East (Kathryn Gilbert) and Wolverhampton North East (Andrea Cantrill).  Let us know if you would like a poster for your home and we’ll get one to you!

Kathryn Gilbert, Green Party candidate for Wolverhampton SE  See Kathryn’s profile

See Kathryn’s candidate profile

Andrea Cantrill, candidate for Wolverhampton NE. See Andrea’s profile

2 thoughts on “General Election 2019!

    1. Hi Andrea!

      We are not putting up a candidate in Wolverhampton South West this time. We are short of resources and have decided to concentrate on raising our profile in the east of the city. Sorry if you were hoping to vote Green! Instead we urge Green supporters to vote to avoid the Tories winning the seat. Do join the party – it can cost as little as £3 a month and would help us a lot.
      All best wishes
      Wolverhampton Greens.

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