Tube of ‘fresh’ air from side of busy Wolverhampton road to be sent for analysis

27 March 2017

Local residents have installed an air quality monitor at Lower Street, Tettenhall. Heavy traffic congestion next to St Michael’s primary school is an everyday problem for children, pedestrians and motorists. Residents are concerned about the effect of air quality on children and adults in the area.

Green Party campaigner: Andrea Cantrill said: “We’ve been monitoring the air quality here for the last two weeks. If you walk past here you can actually taste the exhaust. With poor air quality causing around 40000 early deaths every year in the U.K. we want to know what the situation really is locally.”

Recent research by the ICCT shows that car manufacturers are still not meeting current emissions standards for new diesel cars in real world driving conditions. They pass the artificial 20 minute test, but then on the road the actual emissions from their tested vehicles are seven times higher than the safety limits.

Andrea Cantrill continued: “The lives of local people are at risk from poor air quality. We are calling on the council to do more to analyse air quality around the city and to really tackle congestion hotspots.”

The results of this test tube analysis are due back in April.